Case Studies

ISEBOX solves real problems for companies handling their content production workflows, through to distributing content and promotional material (including video, images, document and more) to clients and media outlets. All via a smooth user experience. Below are a few examples of how ISEBOX was able to help.

  • ISEBOX L'Oreal Worth It Campaign Case Study Consumer Goods

    L'Oreal Case Study

    GLOBAL CAMPAIGN CONTENT - L'Oreal and the Prince's Trust teamed up for a global campaign to help young women with self confidence. They needed a platform capable of powering an initiative that would be distributed to journalists all over the world and accessed by a massive amount of people, on a worldwide scale. ISEBOX was the clear choice to handle the campaign.

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  • Kawasaki ISEBOX EU Case Study Motor and Automotive

    Kawasaki Case Study

    EVENT CONTENT - Kawasaki makes exciting motorcycles. When a new one is launched, journalists are invited from all over the world to take them for a test run to get a first-hand feel. During the test run, they are photographed and filmed. This content – along with press kit materials (press releases, standard product images, video and b-roll, etc.) – need to be delivered to these journalists quickly.

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  • Bayer ISEBOX Case Study Life Sciences

    Bayer Case Study

    PHARMA GLOBAL CONTENT CENTER - Bayer needed a platform to distribute content for a recently launched drug. This content included video, documents, images, and more. Additional complexities needed to be addressed; a verification gate (for geography and appropriateness), and social media and other external web content embeds.

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  • Longines ISEBOX Fashion Case Study

    Longines Case Study

    MULTIMEDIA NEWS RELEASE - Longines-sponsored racehorse Arrogate was in the running to win a top-tier race. But how do you prepare for distributing content for news that hasn’t happened, and may not happen? You need a platform that lets you make changes instantly and notify media and journalists the second it happens.

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  • AbbVie ISEBOX Case Study Pharmaceutical

    AbbVie Case Study

    PHARMA CONGRESS EVENT - AbbVie, like many pharmaceutical and life science companies,  host many congress events. The challenge is centralizing content, calendars, notifications, and all related conference information – both before, during, and after the event.

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  • Michael Kors ISEBOX Case Study

    Michael Kors Case Study

    AWARD-WINNING CAMPAIGN CONTENT ROOM - When high profile celebrity, top-tier fashion brands and ambitious philanthropic initiates comes together, only a smooth-operating and cost-efficient platform would do for Michael Kors, Kate Hudson and the Watch Hunger Stop campaign.

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