AbbVie, like many pharmaceutical and life science companies,  host many congress events. The challenge is centralizing content, calendars, notifications, and all related conference information – both before, during, and after the event. The requirements called for intuitive platform, mobile and desktop accessibility, integrating external calendars, notification system of updates to congress attendees, providing content-contribution from attendees, as well as addressing design and branding requirements. All to be deployed within a short time period.


Our Solutions Architect put together an agile solution utilizing ISEBOX Content Center, leveraging ISEBOX Mailouts for notifications and existing event calendars as integrated modules. By providing on-site access both to attendees and administrators, and optimizing content delivery for mobile networks as well as wifi, all requirements were met.


  • Attendees were treated to a new and engaging experience, enhancing their time at the destination conference.

  • Feedback from attendees positive, making the event more effective and maximizing value

  • Higher attendance numbers at key speaking events

  • Not only hundreds of downloads but hundreds of contributions of photos and videos from team building events

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"The platform has been great at allowing us to send our video materials to the public. They have easy access and can get what they need. It’s allowed us to create multimedia packages. That helps us package up the story."

— Cara, Tourism Marketing Agency

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