Making life easy for media and journalists while maintaining control, security and requirements are never an easy task for pharmaceutical and life science public relations and marketing efforts. Due to poor experiences with older industry offerings built on older technology, AstraZeneca wanted a platform built on new technology. When launching their drug TAGRISSO, they needed full control over content when distributing video, fact sheets, images and product shots, and other documents to the media. A website was an option but did not provide the reporting, analytics, and robustness that was required.


The ISEBOX team was contacted and knew exactly what was needed: ISEBOX Content Room. By providing a quick-turnaround platform built on our solid technology, we were able to satisfy all requirements. Paired with some minor customizations to meet particular legal and federal requirements, the solution delivered on all fronts.


  • Passed internal legal and federal approvals without issues

  • Used collaboratively by Astra Zeneca as well as contracted marketing and PR agencies

  • High time-on-page, download, and video play numbers pointing to great (and measurable) media engagement

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"The platform has been great at allowing us to send our video materials to the public. They have easy access and can get what they need. It’s allowed us to create multimedia packages. That helps us package up the story."

— Cara, Tourism Marketing Agency

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