Bayer needed a platform to distribute content for a recently launched drug. This content included video, documents, images, and more. Additional complexities needed to be addressed; a verification gate (for geography and appropriateness), and social media and other external web content embeds. Immediate control of the content and message were also critical, as was high speed and performance for global audiences. Due to a recent rebranding, some customizations were needed as well.


The ISEBOX Content Center with customization was a perfect fit. All mission-critical needs were addressed quickly. Using our Gated Access feature, we were able to provide verification. The major of needs were met with our turn-key solution with an additional layer of customization on the frontend. ISEBOX Widgets integrated all social and external web properties. ISEBOX, by nature, gives complete content control to the user via an intuitive dashboard.


  • Easily pass internal legal and other approvals. Typically difficult for external vendors, however since ISEBOX is tested and proven it sailed through with a breeze.

  • For over 2 years, the Bayer Content Center has been successfully tracking and delivering content securely.

  • Accessed from over 35 countries, Solidifying its position as a dependable, secure, and compliant platform for pharmaceutical content distribution.

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"The platform has been great at allowing us to send our video materials to the public. They have easy access and can get what they need. It’s allowed us to create multimedia packages. That helps us package up the story."

— Cara, Tourism Marketing Agency

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