Gilead has regular drug launches, and needed a place that is FDA compliant, easy for all members of the team to use, can be stakeholder approved before publication, and can handle lots of downloads of images and documents and seamlessly store and stream broadcast quality video, a place to store it all, is presented beautifully with a customized appearance, and most importantly, a way to measure it. For every campaign and every launch.


Enter ISEBOX. The ease of use to customize a content page is simple, allowing any team member to create, edit and publish easily. With the ability to password protect and share content pages, stakeholder approval is simple. Measuring performance for the drug launches individually and as a whole in a built-in robust metrics suite made getting in depth client performance reports almost effortless. Gilead has now used ISEBOX for years as their central launch release hub.


  • ISEBOX passed all internal and FDA compliance needs, by leveraging our custom Terms of Use and gateway functionality.

  • Rapid edits and content changes were made quickly as the campaign and needs evolved. Legal was able to approve quickly, without long development turnaround times.

  • Metrics suite allowed the team to measure performance in real time, as well as obtain overall and rolling reports on engagement, consumption, and usage of content.

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