Kawasaki makes exciting motorcycles. When a new one is launched, journalists are invited from all over the world to take them for a test run to get a first-hand feel. During the test run, they are photographed and filmed. This content – along with press kit materials (press releases, standard product images, video and b-roll, etc.) – need to be delivered to these journalists quickly. Short of handing out FTP credentials and/or personal USB hard drives, this is a massive task. Requirements called for quick turnaround for content delivery from on-site (the racetrack), a fully branded platform, a searchable system, and high performance and availability.


Our solution architects jumped at this opportunity – pairing Kawasaki with our ISEBOX Content Studio. This allowed Kawasaki to create a unique URL for each journalist. On-site uploading of content was possible using multi-login by multiple content producers. Within hours (sometimes minutes) of being on the racetrack, journalists were able to download their personal content as well as press kit materials. Search, branding, and whitelabel are all ISEBOX features that contributed to a successful implementation.


  • More than 20,000 journalist downloads from 49 countries, contributing to better quality (and quantity) of editorial coverage in top industry publications

  • Storing 64,000+ images and 1,100+ videos on a top-tier global CDN for fast access and download

  • Seamless integration into existing workflows, lowering costs, eliminating delays, and increasing overall user satisfaction internally and externally

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"The platform has been great at allowing us to send our video materials to the public. They have easy access and can get what they need. It’s allowed us to create multimedia packages. That helps us package up the story."

— Cara, Tourism Marketing Agency

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