L'Oreal is a global brand that focuses on the health and beauty and empowerment of women, worldwide, so it was no surprise when they teamed up with the Prince's Trust to create a campaign to help boost young people's self confidence with strong women as their spokeswomen like Helen Mirren, Jordan Bone, Cheryl,  and Katie Piper. The goal was to launch a campaign that included rich multimedia in various formats and a press release, get it into the hands of the right journalists, and to have that campaign picked up by the world's top publications. They chose ISEBOX for the job.


The ISEBOX Content Room was the answer. The expertly produced video and photo assets were uploaded, the press release copy pasted into the easy to use dashboard, and then the completed ISEBOX was sent using ISEBOX's built in distribution platform. As they say, if you can't measure it, it didn't happen. And measure it, ISEBOX did. Every download. Every view. Every embed. It was measured with one of the most robust analytics platforms available in the industry today. 




  • Journalists were able to download the digital assets immediately to be the first to publish on the story. Stories started breaking globally within minutes of the initial release.

  • The story was picked up globally, resulting in coverage with The Times, MTV, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph (and hundreds of others) – all discovered with ISEBOX Analytics.

  • The campaign will help millions of women across the world. ISEBOX makes it easy to seamlessly reach that global audience in an easy to use, easy to distribute and measurable way.

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"The platform has been great at allowing us to send our video materials to the public. They have easy access and can get what they need. It’s allowed us to create multimedia packages. That helps us package up the story."

— Cara, Tourism Marketing Agency

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