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Your business lives and dies by content. Yet, struggles with FTP, WeTransfer, revisions, approvals, exporting low-res, no archive...

Stream, archive, revise, get approvals, and distribute.
One place. All content.

Provide a beautiful client experience while having high-powered tools to move large files. Save hours and thousands.

ISEBOX Content Production Dashboard


ISEBOX solves content production: From the first cut, to client approval, and media consumption.

Full features include:

  • Content publishing and sharing

  • Analytics, tracking and reporting

  • Usability, mobile and collaboration

  • Distribution and media

a no-brainer

  • The Glen Echo Group has used ISEBOX to host everything from press releases, to pitch packets, to toolkits. The platform is highly versatile, easy to use, and offers a full suite of analytics that makes it a no brainer. ISEBOX is a distribution platform that we can trust to broadcast our content in a format that is accessible and resonates with our target audience. We've used the platform for years, watched it evolve and become an indispensable tool for our firm. On top of that, the ISEBOX staff is extremely responsive and as dedicated to our success as they are to their platforms.

    Aaron Alberico, Director, GlenEcho GROUP

Content publishing and sharing

  • All content, one place

    Upload images, video, audio and documents of any kind to ISEBOX and share them with your team, clients, journalists and media. Everything can be viewed and downloaded in the same space. One URL deliveres everthing in one place.
  • HD broadcast video distribution and sharing

    Distribute video files up to HD quality – edited packages or b-roll content. Your full video files will be downloadable, as well as automatically created low resolution MP4 and FLV formats. No more converting and file playback issues.
  • Large file uploads

    Using our custom-built Large File Uploader, upload and share single files up to 5GB in size without messing with FTP and complicated logins. You can’t do that with email, WeTransfer or YouSendIt. And you can upload as many files as you like.

Analytics, tracking and reporting

  • Analytics, tracking and reporting

    ISEBOX tracks exactly who is downloading your content – providing their name, email, employer, title, and more – all in a tidy report on your dashboard. ISEBOX will also tell you on which URLs video has been embedded, and how they are performing..
  • Reports and Analytics

    Measure effectiveness with ISEBOX Reports and Analytics. Know how many downloads and by whom, pageviews, referring traffic, most popular content, and social media impact (shares, Likes, Tweets, etc.). Our own analytics engine will give you more information than Google – you own the data, not them. If you want to plug in your own Google Analytics ID double up, you can do that too.

Usability, mobile and collaboration

  • Collaborative dashboard

    Our famously intuitive dashboard allows you and your team to work together, with various permission levels, on content and reports. Working with clients? We can give them their own dashboard as well, allowing you to work across them all.
  • Mobile

    Mobile is everywhere and ISEBOX will go wherever the audience is. Everything is programmed in HTML5 to ensure compatibility with all mobile devices – Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and more. All videos, images, audio, and documents are viewable regardless of what you upload, and what device or browser is being used.
  • Filedrop

    Accept files from any external team extensions and suppliers right into your ISEBOX dashboard – without needing access to your dashboard. No more upload-download-download – just uploaded once and done with FileDrop.
  • Fully brand customizable

    Your ISEBOX content pages can be branded to your brand, or your clients’ brand if you’re an agency. Everything from multiple font selections, logo, RGB/Hex colors, background image and more.
  • Exceptional support

    We pride ourselves in making sure you have a positive experience. Whenever you have a problem, reach out to us via our Support Platform (or telephone for Premium accounts) and real people will get back to you quickly with an answer.

Distribution and media

  • Email distribution

    Upload your distribution lists to ISEBOX, and then schedule or send an ISEBOX Mailout. This is an email friendly version of very same ISEBOX content page that doesn’t end up in spam folders, get marked as junk mail, or clog up inboxes with heavy attachments. It will even play video right in the email when supported.
  • Password protected

    Not ready for the world to see the content? With one-click password protect any ISEBOX page and its content. Perfect for media or journalist exclusives, easy internal communications, or client approvals processes.
  • Multiple languages

    Publish your ISEBOX content pages in one of many languages including: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Czech with more languages being added in the months ahead.
  • Social media compatible

    Being a people-platform, ISEBOX is very social. The frontend is designed to work and look as smooth as the social platforms we use every day. ISEBOX also gives you the option of enabling one-click social login for users to download content. Easy Social Sharing links are sprinkled throughout ISEBOX, too.

These features are critical

  • The ISEBOX Media Center platform was easy to use and our press team quickly learned how to navigate and manage the administrative functions. Our designated ISEBOX account manager offered e-training sessions, which helped our team to understand the platform’s many features.
    It is easy to upload and download photography, video files and written content, such as press releases, on the ISEBOX media center. The platform allows multiple users to edit at once and files can be added and deleted simultaneously without affecting the rest of the remaining content and layout… These features are critical for updating content around live events and announcements, especially when there are challenges such as slow internet… The embedded reporting functions helped us to understand how many people accessed the ISEBOX around our event and which websites were driving traffic.
    The ISEBOX team couldn’t have been quicker to respond or more willing to help, even on weekends and during out-of-office hours. Any questions or unforeseen issues were speedily resolved. The ISEBOX team also secured a white label domain name for us, which was easy to remember and share.

    Cassandra Simpson, Senior Executive, Edelman for the Aurora Prize Team

Clients who manage and distribute content with ISEBOX

These teams have revolutionized how they work. You can too.

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"The one thing I did like and their selling point to us, was just the ease of use. I can upload a video directly to the ISEBOX page rather than to an FTP site. If you have a question, they are very quick to respond. I would say they respond immediately."

— Marketing Manager, Gambling and Casino Company

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