Free Starter Platform


The free starter package includes:

  • 1 User Login

    For dashboard access. Unlimited number of external / public users.
  • FileDrop

    Accept incoming files from content producers, videographers, photographers, editors, and more. No login required. Save hours.
  • Widgets

    Include Social, Email, Video, and more.
  • Content Uploads (Max 20MB Filesize)

    Upload images, documents, video, and audio.
  • Content Embeds

    Embed any external content or website.
  • Full-Powered Reporting

    See how many downloads, who downloaded, popular content, and embed locations.
  • Branded Client Pages

    Create projects branded to your client or campaign.
  • 10GB Storage

The details What's the deal?

The Free Starter Package is designed to allow you - and your clients - to experience the power of ISEBOX, with no cost obligation.

You will get all core features, but there are some limitations - such as limited storage and upload sizes.

Additionally, if there is no use of the platform within 30 days, we will contact you and terminate the account.

All Free Starter Accounts can be upgraded at any time for features like:

  • Customizable storage from 250GB to 250TB
  • HD video streaming
  • 5GB file uploads
  • Media Center/Press Room
  • Whitelabel Domains
  • Multiple User Logins and Permission Levels
  • Visual Content Search Engine
  • and much more

ISEBOX reserves the right to not provide an ISEBOX Micro account if the intended usage is not deemed a proper fit.

Free ISEBOX Account Request

Please fill out the details below and our support team will be in touch for necessary details for setting up your account!