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2017 survey results: Drug companies failing to meet journalists' needs

Digital content distribution for pharmaceutical and life sciences

Pharmaceutical and life science professionals are continually faced with the pressure and complications of distributing multimedia content to influencers and the press. Equally complex are existing solutions for industry events, congresses and conferences for engaging with both internal or external audiences.

ISEBOX makes that process simple and easy to measure. The ISEBOX cloud­-based multimedia content platform delivers an easy­-to­-use dashboard to create a seamless user experience when it’s time to get your visual content and story in the hands of your target audiences. This means you will:

  • Reduce time to market by 80%

    Control branding and content via a simply dashboard. Have your digital media kit live and approved in days (compared to weeks and/or months with other solutions). How? Better technology, service and ease of use.

    80% Less - How? Building a content center can take weeks or months. Getting branding changes applied and approved - days. An ISEBOX Content Room can be up and running in hours, with changes made instantly for password-protected approvals.

  • Increase coverage by 30%

    Deliver and measure all of your multimedia content downloaded by the press. How? Transcoding and file sharing technology along with a built-­in visual analytics and metrics suite. And the streamlined experience for the audiences, journalists and media means more content consumed.

    30% More - How? Independent studies show that reducing barriers for online calls-to-action will increase engagement. Our studies support this, and our platform is built to reduce media-friction. In a blind test, two versions of a press releases were published - one with an ISEBOX Content Room URL included. The one without the content URL suffered from approximately 37% fewer media downloads, inquiries, and online coverage.

  • Reduce digital expenditures by 50%

    Compare ISEBOX pricing to competitive solutions and reduce costs significantly. Compare to custom­ built website solutions, which lack our key features, and spend twice as much. How do we do it? Efficiency through better technology and innovation.

    50% Lower - How? The "big guys" will supplement a press release with a multimedia news release for about 3x the cost of an ISEBOX Content Room, without the instant control and dashboard features. When compared to developing in-house, ISEBOX can cost a 1/10th of a custom built microsite or congress/conference site.

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Navigating the FDA rules while creating engaging, well­performing content for pharmaceuticals is tough. But we get it and that's why ISEBOX was created with Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences in mind. Maybe that's why brands like these trust us for their digital content distribution:

What our clients say

  • ISEBOX combines digital and Life Sciences expertise to effortlessly deliver multiple content to target audiences.  Whether it’s for a drug launch, a disease information portal or a straightforward press kit – the solutions provided by ISEBOX are a perfect fit for the ever-evolving digital challenges of Life Sciences Communications.

    John Gisborne, Managing Director and Senior Partner - Healthcare, FleishmanHillard Fishburn

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Navigating the FDA rules while creating engaging, well ­performing content for pharmaceuticals is tough. Read this book to learn some tested and tried strategies for well performing Pharma Campaigns.

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Key features

  • Analytics

    Track page views, embedded content location, video plays, and who has downloaded your content.
  • Any device, anywhere

    ISEBOX is mobile responsive and socially connected.
  • Global

    Translate in up to 10 languages and create custom campaigns for various country affiliates meeting brand and local compliance requirements.
  • Internal content library

    Maintain control of approved content, which can be searched, uploaded and distributed with a single click by global team members.
  • Easy content review

    Preview content prior to launch, simplifying and expediting content review and approvals.
  • Secure cloud solution

    ISEBOX meets stringent life science security and regulatory compliance controls, while providing flexible cloud solutions.
  • Agile content distribution and withdrawal

    Publish or withdraw content with a single click while maintaining an audit trail for both campaign creation and content downloading.
  • Design customization

    Our team provides custom design, development, and a white label domain to meet stringent branding requirements.

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"Compared to a traditional press release distribution service, ISEBOX is much more flexible. You can upload as much content as you want. There's no word limit and no extra charge for including photos and video. It's very easy to use, and you have all of the control."

— Natalie, Senior Analyst, Clutch

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