Nike content destination for press release requiring image and video asset distribution. Content Room URL embedded in press release means no fielding requests for format and files - while tracking all activity.


If you're investing in talent , you want to make your content accessible to the widest possible media footprint.

Whether targeting broadcast, press or digital - ISEBOX is a one-stop platform.  HD Video for TV, Web videos for online, Hi/Lo res images - ISEBOX delivers the lot from the same page.  And you can add or update material in real time. 

More power for you, more coverage for your campaign. 

Welcome to the world of win/win!


Make it easy for Media - it's Worth It.

L’Oreal and The Prince’s Trust: Content-heavy and celebrity-loaded announcement requiring strong content delivery channel with tracking, embed, and mobile/social features. Make it easier for Media, and they’ll reward you with coverage.


Journalists are deadline driven.  If they can't access what they need immediately, they may drop the story. Or worse - write an all-text story that no one will read (hint: visual content is key).

ISEBOX is universally praised by newsgatherers for giving them exactly what they want, in the right format, when they want it. 

You can't beat a good story - but don't ever underestimate the value of good delivery.


Take it to the Max

Whatever your story or campaign, ISEBOX will get your content to the widest audience in the most accessible form – saving time and money.

We can plan ahead, or work on a deadline.  Just like you!

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